Contact Lenses for your Photo Shoot

In this day and age so many photographs are taken with mobile phones and pocket-sized cameras, and people seem to be getting a bit less picky about how they are photographed. The simple fact is, technology has enabled people to constantly shoot photos, which means we really can’t control how we look in every single picture that gets taken.
However, there are still times when it is far better to hire a professional photographer for a Makeover Portrait or Boudoir Photography session.
With these styles of shoot you have more time to consider how you look, and how you style yourself. This doesn’t mean that you need to alter your appearance or make any big changes, but a few little details here and there can certainly help for example, one thing that many people choose to do if they know they have photography sessions coming up is switch from eyeglasses to contact lenses. This is a subtle, small, and impermanent shift, but it can actually lead not only to better photographs, but also a bit more comfort during the photo shoot. If you don’t want your switch to contact lenses to be permanent, it’s easy enough to simply purchase a few pairs of daily lenses from Acuvue for the photography occasions alone.

There are two main reasons that it might be a good idea to wear contact lenses for a makeover or portrait photo shoot. The first is that your appearance in the photos may be enhanced for those looking at the photographs can see you eyes more clearly, this is not to suggest that people do not look good in eyeglasses – in fact, glasses suite many people perfectly. However, small details are important in photography, and if you wear glasses it can sometimes be a bit harder to be seen clearly in a photograph, as your eyes will not be on full, clear display. People are drawn to eyes, and wearing glasses – yes, even clear, simple prescription ones – can hide you a little bit in a photograph. The other reason that you may be more comfortable switching to contact lenses for a big photo shoot is simply that it may help you avoid irritation. If you will be posing for many photographs in a single session, the flash of the cameras can become quite irritating when seen through eyeglasses. A comfortable pair of contacts can simply make it easier to look into the camera for dozens of pictures at a time.