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Makeover Photography Worcestershire & West Midlands

Our Makeover Photography Worcestershire style comes out of the huge experience gained in over 30 years of of photographing women and teenagers. We offer a fabulous makeover experience for all ages with our small friendly team who have been together over 12 years now, knowing just how to get the very best out of your makeover shoot. Our professional makeup artist Bev has worked with us for over 12 years and will be with you throughout your experience including  in the studio to help you get into just the positions and create the best expressions. We produce personalised makeover vouchers which are perfect for a present at any time of the year.

The consultation, makeup and hair styling usually take around an hour and the photo shoot can take between 45 mins and an hour. We suggest 2 outfits is best, a smart fashion style look and then a casual look – we can arrange longer shoots with more outfit changes and extra lighting set ups to totally exceed your expectations.

All these images on this page are from real makeover shoots we have taken in the last year or so at Sammy Southall Photography. Our first aim is for you to feel welcome. We will put you at your ease, find out exactly what style you are looking for,  be it modern, traditional, fun or informal shots. After the clothes makeup and hairstyle consultation – its off into makeup for a pleasant and relaxing glam session before your studio shoot. We show you exactly what to do to get the best shots with a minimum of fuss,  then we invite you back to view your pictures a few days later when you will be able to see the results on our large high definition twin screens in our comfortable viewing room. There is no hard sell, we will just help you pick the pictures that you would really like and you can see them in Colour, Black and White, Sepia and Ice Blue. We can airbrush away any blemishes you would like removed. We hope our pictures will speak for themselves and convey the genuine emotions felt by these local families from Kidderminster, Worcestershire and the West Midlands who have very kindly allowed us to share them with you.


Our Makeover photography experiences are just £49.95 ( Worth over £150 ) and includes your first 12″ x 8 ” Print.

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