Boudoir photography for Birmingham and the West Midlands. A style which is increasing popular as a present for partners and particularly Brides looking for a special and intimate present for their new husband.


Makeover Photography Birmingham

If you are looking for Makeover Photography Birmingham we ask if you could consider following in the footsteps of many of our happy clients from the Birmingham area who have driven half an hour or so out to see us in Kidderminster. We regularly meet and photograph clients from all parts of Birmingham who are looking for a high end fashion style makeover photography experience.

We offer a personal, friendly and professional makeover photography service which will allow two clothes changes – a full hours portrait and fashion style photography shoot with our makeover artist on hand throughout the shoot to help and guide you and keep a constant check on your hair and make-up. We then edit your pictures to the best 100 or so, give them all a light skin smooth and airbrush and conjure up some great post production to show you your pictures in a variety of black and white, sepia,  fashion bleach and colour.

We offer a wide variety of fabulous deals on our Birmingham Makeover Photography with a choice of 6 popular print, frame and album selections saving 100’s of pounds. We also have a huge range of frames canvasses and wall art to choose from as well as our superb Italian GraphiStudio Coffee table books.

We are not a production line we are a small boutique studio with over 18 years experience in makeovers and a real passion for this creative style of shoot. We attract those who are interested in working with us to create amazing images albums or wall art, those who want the very best photography and photographic memories that will last for a lifetime. As well as our top reviewed Birmingham Makeover Photography ( Have a look at our many genuine 5 star reviews on facebook  )  for girls and ladies of all ages we also offer our extremely popular ” mother and daughter makeovers ” a very special time for both daughter and mother who get to spend some real quality fun time together and then receive some amazing images to remember the experience by.

We also have our customised bespoke Birmingham makeover photography service designed to offer those thinking of starting a model portfolio or who would just like to try their hand at a fashion style photo-shoot the opportunity to have their own style captured beautifully. Whatever you have in mind call Jane on 01562 747612 and ask about our model makeover sessions the perfect confidence boost for anyone considering our stylish high end makeover photography. We may also be the perfect studio for those looking for makeover photography Wolverhampton, Makeover Photography Solihull and Makeover Photography Halesowen.


Boudoir Photography For Christmas

We always have a steady stream of Boudoir Photography clients throughout the year and there have always been some peak times like Christmas, January with vouchers bought as presents,  valentines day, and the Spring Summer season, but this year has seen a real surge in the popularity of our Boudoir Photography shoots. As always the age group is wide and the reasons that people decide to treat themselves and push their boundaries is varied.  It is young ladies looking to boost their confidence, it is ladies who are getting married soon, it is ladies who are recovered from surgery,  it is older ladies some finding themselves on their own again others finding new partners and wanting to expand their horizons. These empowering shoots are getting more and more popular for us and we love doing them as we enjoy seeing so many transformations that ladies go through during and after their Boudoir Photography shoots. So do something that will undoubtedly give you a real shot of confidence and make you feel good about yourself – let us take the most awesome, sexy and powerful images of you that you have ever seen. Our boudoir offer sessions give you a chance to experience this amazing shoot which includes professional makeup and hairstyling for just £19.95 and then we will produce a set of images that you will want to have and treasure forever. This is a wonderful experience which although maybe a bit nerve-wracking beforehand will be one of those things you will always be pleased you have done. For fabulous Boudoir Photography Wst Midlands, Birmingham and Worcestershire – Call Jane today on 01562 747612 to find out all about it and get booked in.

boudoir-photography worcestershire

Valentines Boudoir Photography 2017

As well as our very popular Boudoir for Brides sessions we always have a number of ladies looking for Valentines Day Boudoir Photography. Our Only Boudoir sensual and sexy Valentines shoots are a great way to create a very special and intimate present for your lover what ever age you are. They can also make a great gift to give to your partner on Valentines day and take the shoot later in the year. We also welcome partner’s to your boudoir shoot when they can just watch the experience or choose to take part in a few shots. Please allow as much time as possible to get your shoot, viewing and prints created in time for Valentines day. We can of course create personalised valentines day gift vouchers for you to give to your lover on the 14th Feb.

We always see a lot of brides to be looking for our beautiful Bridal Boudoir photography Worcestershire shoots. We see many brides every year and right throughout the year. Our bridal Boudoir Worcestershire special taster introduction shoot for Worcestershire Brides is always popular. The makeover and shoot are just £19.99 and this includes a small desk print. Most brides select an Boudoir Album or Print and Image File package and invest between £300 and 550 on their final Boudoir Photography Worcestershire selections from Sammy Southall Photography. It is always best to allow at least 4 weeks before you wedding for your Worcestershire Boudoir Photography shoot, though last year one bride did the shoot, viewing and album in just 9 days! It can be done but its a bit of a rush…..Phew.


Get Your Tatts Out

get-your-tatts-out-title“Get Your Tatts out” in Worcestershire and the West Midlands. Get Your Tatts Out was originally a photography competition held in 2015 and may get held again this year. Regardless of the competition we are frequently booked to create ” Get Your Tatts Out ” photography shoots. You will get some amazing photography of your ink and many people have selected to have an album or single shot blown up as wall art. If you have tattoos or a partner or friends have tattoos please tell them about these special shoots. The ” Get your Tatts ” Out photo shoot is just £19.99 or upgrade to a makeover and a ” Get your Tatts Out ” professional photo shoot for just £30 this includes a 7″ x 5 ” of course we also offer a wide range of wall art, albums or individual prints as well as digital options to have your images on a flash drive. So if you live in Worcestershire or the West Midlands Come and ” Get Your Tatts Out ” at Sammy Southall Photography and enjoy your ink at its best forever. This is a great experience and a real chance to show of your tatts at there best. We offer the most beautiful and flattering body sculpting lighting in our lovely professional studio based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. If you have any questions about the “Get Your Tatts Out” Photography experince by Sammy Southall just call Jane Southall on 01562 747612.




Latest Makeover MTV Style Videos from Your makeover ( Update )

Just can’t wait to show you our latest new makeover video slideshows we have on offer. If you have your makeover with us we can now create these fabulous MTV style videos of your makeover shoot. You can share it with friends, add it to your facebook page or go for a  hi-resolution version that you can have on DVD and watch on your giant TV or plasma screen. Here is a new example of our makeover work for 2014.

Here is our very latest one!! Turn up the music if you can!

We do hope you enjoy it

When you are looking for a great Makeover Photographer in Worcestershire – please check us out.

Sam and Jane

Boudoir and Makeover Photography 2014 Sammy Southall Photography Worcestershire

Photographers Worcestershire 2014

The New Boudoir Box for 2014 from Sammy Southall Photography.

Happy New Year 2014 to all our many customers, friends and fellow photographers. Well, it seems there are more photographers Worcestershire every year that goes by and we believe that there is more than enough work to go around for all of us as customers become more and more aware of the variety of styles and quality available from the many different Worcestershire photographers.

We have decided that will not be covering weddings  anymore but will be concentrating again in 2014 on our Baby, Children’s and Family shoots as well as our extremely popular Makeover and Boudoir photography experiences which have become increasingly over the past years.

So what plans for this year? We have new products we are introducing like the stunning new Boudoir Box with up to 20 beautifully airbrushed and finished images mounted onto individually coloured and designed photographic mounts with raised varnish finishes – these look absolutely fabulous and we are sure will become very popular. We will have our first sample box here very shortly and they are available right now.

We are also offering a special DIGITAL ONLINE PROFILES package where you have the shoot – and choose the shots you would like to be finished superbly for your Facebook, Linked In, Google+ pages or other online web and blog profile pictures. Also a special Makeover and retouched digital files package for those putting up profiles on the popular online dating sites. We also have a sister company Sammy Southall Webworks who offer websites to private individuals as well as small to medium-sized businesses. If you know anyone who is looking for a website we would be very grateful if you could pass on our name and see our web works website for Web design Worcestershire.

Jane and I are looking forward to another amazing year in 2014 and hope we may get the opportunity to offer you some of our fabulous photographic services to you.

Boudoir Noir Kidderminster, Stourport, Bewdley Worcestershire and West Midlands

Boudoir Noir Photography by Sammy Southall

Boudoir Photography and the Classic, Low Key, darker  looking ” Boudoir Noir” style derived from the 1940’s vintage and classic  film genre “Film Noir” is more popular than ever for us.  Mostly the term “Noir” implies shadowy low key contrasty lighting to emphasize shape and form, and we had quite a few clients recently who have asked specifically for this classic Boudoir style which is powerful as well as full of sultriness and glamour. Just over half of our clients are from Kidderminster, Stourport and Bewdley and Worcestershire generally but many come. from all across the West Midlands and Birmingham. Here’s a shot from a boudoir shoot booking  from a bride of ours from a couple of years ago Stacy who really wanted the darker, sexier Boudoir Noir feel and that’s exactly what we were able to give her as you can see below. Thanks for an amazing  shoot and your very kind comments about the results.

Boudoir Noir Birmingham

Boudoir Noir by Sammy Southall Photography