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Boudoir Photography West Midlands

If you are looking for the finest Boudoir Photography West Midlands from one of the Midland’s Most Experienced Boudoir Photographers you are in just the right place.

Here at Sammy Southall Photography, we have two Boudoir Brands. Only Boudoir is our original Boudoir photography website serving West Midlands boudoir photography clients since 2005 and Boudoir Midlands which specialises in classic fine art style Black and white Boudoir photography.

We shoot Boudoir Photography clients throughout the year and there are always peak times like the run-up to Christmas, and January with vouchers bought as presents and ladies looking to create Valentine’s day gifts. We take the shoot and view on the same day, because who wants to wait to see their amazing images? If you are looking for a gift for a specific date it is best to allow at least 2 weeks to get your gift prepared.

Over the last 5 years, we have concentrated more and more on Boudoir and have seen a real surge in demand for our Boudoir Photography shoots. As always the age group is wide and the reasons that people decide to treat themselves and push their boundaries are varied.

So who is looking for boudoir photography? It is young ladies looking to boost their confidence, it is ladies who are getting married soon, it is ladies who are recovered from surgery,  it is older ladies some finding themselves on their own again, others finding new partners and wanting to expand their horizons. There are so many reasons we hear as to why ladies choose a boudoir shoot but the things that they all agree on is that their boudoir shoots have been life-changing, confidence-boosting, empowering and transformative. Have a look at our over 100 FIVE STAR Google reviews

So if you would like to do something just for you, something that will undoubtedly give you a real boost of confidence and make you feel good about yourself, something virtually guaranteed to give your mood a lift in these more challenging times then let us take the most awesome, sexy and powerful images of you that you have ever seen and get yourself booked in for one of our boudoir photography shoots perfect for ladies from anywhere in the West Midlands. Every shoot is bespoke, designed just for you, we help you with your clothing choice, and we are more than happy to help you create a mood board of the style of shots you would like to recreate and happy to work with your ideas.

Our Boudoir Photography session offers this amazing shoot which includes full style and makeup consultation, professional makeup and hairstyling a two-hour fully directed photo shoot, same-day VIP viewing and a complimentary 9″ x 6″ print all for just £95 We will produce a selection of images that you will probably fall in love with and want to buy and treasure forever. Most clients invest between £395 and £795 on their final boudoir photography order for our Little Black Books, Coffee table albums, Digital Selections or Framed and Canvas Wall Art.

This is a wonderful experience and although there may be a few nerves beforehand it will be one of those things you will always be so pleased you have done.

For fabulous Boudoir Photography West Midlands, Birmingham and Worcestershire – Call Jane today on 07967 716713 to find out all about it and get booked in.

As well as our Classic Boudoir photography take a look at our Bright and Light Boudoir it is romantic and very sensual



Boudoir Photography

As well as our very popular, empowering and liberating ” Only Boudoir ” Photo sessions we offer Boudoir for Brides and Special Bridal Boudoir albums which create the perfect ” Little black book ” gift for your future husband or wife on your wedding day.

Every year we have ladies looking for Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photography and gentlemen looking for boudoir photography gift certificates for Valentine’s day, anniversaries or a birthday.

Our Only Boudoir Valentine’s shoots are a great way to create a very special and intimate present for your lover whatever age you are. They can also make a great gift idea to give to your partner on Valentine’s day for a boudoir shoot at a later date.

We also welcome partner’s to your boudoir photography shoot when they can just watch the experience or choose to take part in the shoot itself. Couples’ boudoir photography has become increasingly popular over the past few years with many couples adding this to their bucket lists.

If you are creating a boudoir gift for a special occasion do allow as much time as possible to get your gifts created in time for special dates. We work with only one client a day, we shoot 3 days a week and we do not shoot at all during December.

For Gentlemen, we can, of course, create personalised Boudoir Photography gift vouchers for you to give to the love of your life and let us create a set of images that will let her see herself as you see her. These can even be sent the same day by email for you to print off and pop in your card.

Every year we have many brides from all over Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Gloucester, Shropshire, Birmingham and Warwickshire Brides booking us for our beautiful Bridal Boudoir photography. Just call Jane Southall on 07967 716713 and she will find out exactly what you are looking for. She will walk you through exactly what to expect and answer all the questions you might have.

Between Jane our wonderful makeup artist Kay and Myself we will completely put you at ease and create a wonderful album of images for you to treasure for a lifetime.

Our Boudoir photoshoots for Herefordshire & Worcestershire are popular. They include the pre-shoot consultation, a full makeover with dry hair styling by our professional makeup artist, and our fully directed two-hour boudoir photo shoot is just £95.00.  This includes a 9″ x 6″ mounted portrait.

Most clients are looking for a Little Black Book Boudoir Album or Prints and Image File package and invest between £395 and £795 on their final Boudoir Photography selections.

So for the most Liberating, Empowering and Confidence Boosting Photoshoot you will ever experience call us and get booked in today.

It is always best to allow at least 2 to 3  weeks before your wedding for your Worcestershire Boudoir Photography shoot, though last year one bride did the shoot, viewing and an album created in just 14 days! It can be done but it’s a bit of a rush…..Phew.

Please also take a look at our two specialist Boudoir Photography websites – Boudoir Midlands which specialises in Black and white fine art style boudoir photography and Only Boudoir which was our original boudoir photography website which has been showing our wide variety of boudoir photography since 2005.

We look forward to seeing you in our studio in soon


We are also now offering a light bright Boudoir Photography option with brand new sets and props.